Failing to get hold of the new Playstation 5, fans get triggered by GameStop and share their Not a PS5 story online.

Remember the video of girlfriends gifting their boyfriends a PS5, well not everyone is lucky enough to have that girlfriend. In fact, some have such bad luck that they missed on getting a hand at once in the recent Black Friday sale. Playstation 5, that most of the gamers have been waiting for released earlier this month and fans have been wanting to get one.

While some managed to get it either by themselves or as a gift, there were many who were left empty-handed. Although the PS5 was available on Black Friday on sale, the stock cleared up minutes after the sale went live. This let to GameStop’s social media asking the fans an innocent question as to who to scoop one. The post soon became a trend and fans began sharing their sad and funny story with their ‘Not a PS5 posts.’

Check out these Not a PS5 posts:

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