9 Things You Should Not be Sharing on Social Media

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9 Things You Should Not be Sharing on Social Media

Nobody wants to lose a chance of standing out in a crowd. Especially, when all it takes is a couple of words you put up as your status or tweet and a bunch of pictures, and have hundreds of people liking and commenting on your picture.

The world changed with social media and so did we, but in this craze of becoming famous and with your efforts to get noticed, you might be making a fool of yourself if you are putting up the wrong things.

My words may be harsh but how people become such turn offs on social networking sites is even more ridiculous.

So, I realized the need to put into words all that you should NOT be doing on social media.

1: Using social media as your default love letter:

I am sure I cannot afford to put something else on the top of this Don’t Do’s list. We totally understand you are having adrenaline rush and hormonal imbalances with your significant other but, trust me, none of your friends have any interest in what you are up to in your personal life.

Putting up lovey-dovey lengthy statuses every single week announcing that you have got the best man/woman in this world won’t do any good to your image or to your relationship. You can send private messages on Facebook/Twitter as well. Please do that and please stop giving us a reason to crib about your annoying statuses. Something like this makes me think of the status police:

Using social media as your default love

2: Pictures of your credit card:

Seeing people doing that, the movie “Identity Theft” comes to my mind instantly. We understand that you are proud of your new VISA card, branded with a logo, but putting it up on social networking sites is surely a call for a lot of trouble.

3: Pregnancy and childbirth details:

I never thought I might need to add this to this list of Don’ts but unfortunately, I have to. I was really happy when my friend got married last year but for the updates that were shared afterwards; I never was interested in how much she was getting dilated every single day.

4: Passive aggressive comments:

This is a very petty and overtly childish behaviour. Seeing people rant about others on social networking sites and not disclosing the names is a sign of immaturity but on top of that timorousness. Why the sly?

5: Vague posts:

If you are putting up something, why do you refrain from being sensible? Putting up statuses like “I wish”, “I wonder” and “why it had to happen to me” and on being questioned as to what had happened (the most obvious expected response), they would not like to disclose it on social media. Stop throwing tantrums on social media please! People are too busy take your tantrums.

6: Complaints about your boss and how much you hate your job:

We all have been in a situation where we have had to compromise on personal choices for financial security. But cribbing about your boss or your job is definitely not the smartest thing to do.

Sometimes it is tempting to air out the grievances on Facebook, it being an important part of our lives now; but your job is even more important and you may not want to risk it. Don’t forget, your boss and your co-workers have Facebook too.

Complaints about your boss and how much

7: Stuff about your kids:

Kids are the cutest things on earth and there is nothing wrong if you like posting pictures of your little Timmy who just learned to roll-over, but Facebook and this world is full of paedophiles.

I suggest you never to reveal which school they go to or post pictures of your little star in the bathtub or running around naked. Trust me, you don't want trouble coming your children's way.

Stuff about your kids

8: Social game announcements:

You might have fallen in love with some stupid addictive game but others do not really care about which level you are on and which your next milestone on Farmville, Cafe world or Candycrush is. So, if you do not want to be in the ignored list of people, please turn off the auto sharing of these game announcements. You can see that people are really not interested.

9: What you ate:

I mean, come on! Why do people have to put up what they ate! If you put up such things as your Facebook status, it is quite obvious that you are trying to compensate for something.

And to all those who put up any of these, along with my worthy suggestion, here is a dedication with the expectation that you will pledge to never put such things as your Facebook status:

What Not To Share On Social Media

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