With Omicron in, bringing in NYE suddenly seems too bleak and while you might have to stay home, here’s an NYE playlist to help you have a blast!

We were all hopefully looking at celebrating NYE this year since we couldn’t celebrate the previous one. We’re all wanting to bid goodbye to 2021 and welcome 2022 with open arms but who knew there was a new variant just waiting for us! With the new variant, Omicron spilling a bucket full of water on all our NYE plans it doesn’t mean that we have to give up hope. With this awesome NYE playlist, you can enjoy a dance party at your home and bring in 2022! After all, all you need is kickass speakers, an amazing playlist, and your feet moving across your floor.

The best playlist is the one that keeps on playing itself and your feet keep on tapping. So we have taken the liberty of putting together a super fun new year supermix. With these songs, you’ll get the best of all worlds without the hassle of looking for songs to groove to. So what are you waiting for, get up, take those speakers, and just hit play!

Check these mixes out here!

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