This throwback video shared by Nyeeam Hudson shows his reaction after being bullied for wearing FILA shoes. The way he responded to the bullies will humble you.

The Internet can be a rare blessing in these times of negativity and pessimism. This throwback video of Nyeeam Hudson has been doing rounds of social media wherein his younger self talks about being bullied for merely wearing FILA shoes.

His words ooze wisdom and he teaches us that it’s not about what we wear but it’s about what is inside our head, that knowledge is more powerful and that is what makes us a beautiful human! This video is an example of how sometimes children end up teaching adults better lessons about life.

Neeyam Hudson made a special request to all the parents to not raise their kids materialistic because “once they don’t have the Jordon’s on or the cool clothes, they are gonna feel that they are not important.”

His innocence about his choice of wearing FILA shoes is an eye-opener as to why we need to be more comfortable and confident with what we wear. We need to fix our materialistic attitudes and adopt a more genuine and accepting approach towards life.

Check the throwback video of Neeyam Hudson here:

Netizens are loving his advice:

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