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One For All, movie review

Book my Show's One For All talks about holding on, letting go and everything in between.

Uno Para Todos aka One For All is a Spanish feature film about a classroom full of students burying their feelings and values that a teacher passes on while tackling these feelings. Directed by David Ilundain, this film weaves a beautiful story around forgiveness that's conveyed via a feel-good storyline and a videogame. While Uno Para Todos was released in 2020, the movie was available online globally only on July 3, 2021.

Cast - This 1 and a half hour Spanish drama has David Verdaguer (Aleix) playing the role of a 6th-grade substitute teacher in a remote village where he knows absolutely no one. Aleix is also struggling with problems of his own that unravel towards the end. Watching David as Aleix helps one understand how hard it is to teach and how the job of a teacher isn't limited to just academics but all areas of life. Watching this movie reminds us of our own teachers who taught us so much more than Mathematics and History and shaped us into the people we are. Néstor Romero plays the role of Carlos, a 6th-grade student who is diagnosed with cancer and isn't really liked by his classmates.

Storyline - One For All begins with Aleix, the substitute teacher helping his student Carlos, readjust to school life. His 11-year old students don't look too happy at the mention of Carlos and soon we understand why. Before Carlos got cancer, he used to be a bully and these kids can't seem to comprehend how to show empathy towards someone who bullied them in the past. Carlos loves to play video games like most kids his age and learns how to make one with the help of a friend he met during chemo. Aleix comes up with a plan to help the children learn and get along with each other, he suggests all of them collaborate to make a video game from scratch, right from character design, story, graphics, and the message. As the story progresses, the kids come across problems and find solutions together under the guidance of their teacher, Aleix. While helping his students navigate their way from hate and want for revenge to understanding and forgiveness, Aleix learns a thing or two about what has kept him away from his own people.

What I liked - This movie portrays a simple but effective process of learning and personal growth, one that we don't come across too often. Via the project on creating a video game, Aleix teaches his students that teamwork is not possible unless everyone brings their skills to the table aka what makes them different from each other. And that's such a strong life lesson for each of us, regardless of who we are. One For All talks about how much to hold on to and how to forgive in such a subtle manner, it's beautiful!

What the trailer here!

What I didn't quite like - Some parts of this feature film felt undercooked like not explaining why Selua didn't like Carlos until the end of the movie but forgives him regardless.

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