After skillfully playing with words, politician and writer Shashi Tharoor is ready to try his hand at comedy with Amazon Prime Video’s new series ‘One Mic Stand’. Here is how Twitter reacted to the trailer of his special.

Amazon Prime Video released the trailer for its new stand-up series ‘One Mic Stand’ with a diverse set of people who will wear the hat of a stand-up comedian. While it will see people from the entertainment industry like Bhuvan Bam, Taapsee Pannu, Vishal Dadlani etc, one who will also join them is a politician and writer, Shashi Tharoor.

Shashi Tharoor is a well-known politician, writer and a former career international diplomat who has represented India on a global platform. He is a member of parliament and is known for his vocabulary and great command over the English language. His speech has not only taken his ideas to people at large, but it has also become part of hundreds of memes. He is known for making astute comments and taking his penchant for the English prose forward he has now worn the hat of a stand-up comedian. The recently released trailer of his episode from Amazon Prime Video’s ‘One Mic Stand’ is relatable AF and it has us excited for the entire special.

This right here goes to show that we’ve all been in the same boat. The boat named, ‘Public embarrassment by parents’. Take a look and let the lols roll:

Twitter had its own reaction to the trailer of Shashi Tharoor’s episode from One Mic Stand:

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And before we go, we have only one thing to say to those who didn’t find it funny, “Pardon our recalcitrance in believing that’s true”.