9 onscreen fathers who changed the way fathers are portrayed in pop culture

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Watching onscreen fathers in TV shows and movies brings up so many feelings; some remind us of our own fathers, and some show us what fatherhood can also look like.

Fathers - we love them, we hate them, we struggle to understand them! Regardless of the love-hate relationship we have with our own fathers, watching onscreen fathers over the years has been rather entertaining. While we've found some dads who remind us of our own, like Chaudhry Baldev Singh in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge or Rahul Khanna in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, we've also found fathers like Phil Dunphy in Modern Family, and Peachy in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na who changed the way fathers are portrayed onscreen. These onscreen fathers showed us what a father-child relationship could look like when dads allow themselves to be vulnerable and tender, and their characters make us watch these TV shows and movies over and over.

Here's why we love these onscreen dads!

Phil Dunphy - Modern Family

A real estate agent and father to three children, Phil is the cool dad who tries to connect with his children instead of shaming them! He's always invested in their lives, and we love how approachable he is!

Farooq Shaikh as Mr. Thapar - Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Mr. Thapar is your desi dad but one who isn't afraid to show Bunny just how much he cares. The scene where he stays up for Bunny, low-key, gives him grief for going on a trek but supports him through and through is relatable for many of us!

Champak Bansal - Angrezi Medium

Being a single parent is not easy, and Champak Bansal doesn't let his economic conditions and struggles come in the way of his daughter's one true dream of studying abroad. He's supportive beyond belief and gives it all up to show that to his daughter.

Mufasa - The Lion King

Mufasa is that wise but tender father we have loved watching onscreen. He's a fabulous parent to Simba, and he teaches him when to be cautious while giving him space to be his playful innocent self even in the face of difficulties.

Peachy - Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Peachy, aka Aditi's father, was the dream parent who let his children pursue their dreams without looking to control their choices. His son was the black sheep of the family, and they didn't treat him any differently just because he was different.

Ned Stark - Game of Thrones

Ned Stark put his children first in an era where the last thing on a man's mind is what's best for his children. His daughter, Arya, wanted to learn how to fight when every other girl wore dresses, smiled, and had to look pretty. He not only supported her but hired a tutor to teach her how to work a sword.

Arthur Weasley - Harry Potter

Arthur Weasley was that doting father who listened when his children would tell cool stories that would make their mother wild. He helped his children through difficulties and also was their biggest cheerleader.

Hasmukh Shah aka Bapuji - Anumpamaa

Bapuji is Anupamaa's biggest supporter even though he's her ex-father-in-law. He stands up for her, fights battles for her and pushes her to live the life she's always wanted but didn't have the courage to pursue.

Matthew Logelin - Fatherhood

Matthew Logelin goes from dad to single parent during the birth of his baby itself and his struggle with raising a child is so real. Right from taking his toddler to office meetings to helping her be her own person, he does it all.

Which of these fathers reminds you of your own? Tell us in the comments below!

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