A 2020 American romedy, Operation Christmas Drop is loosely based on the U.S. Air Force Operation Christmas Drop humanitarian mission IRL.

This Netflix Original is high on Christmas spirit and it’s a light-hearted film that celebrates the festival. Directed by Martin Wood from a screenplay by Gregg Rossen and Brian Sawyer, Operation Christmas Drop stars Kat Graham, and Alexander Ludwig in the lead and it’s set in a military base on Guam. There’s nothing special in the film except this – instead of sprinkling romance all over it, it’s a representation of humanitarian work done by the U.S. Air Force over 70 years and how the military base is helping deprived communities and islands of Micronesia.

It all starts when Congressional aide, Erica (Graham) on orders of her boss has to let go of her Christmas plan of spending time with her family, and travel to the military base camp on Guam to prepare a report on the activities on the base to find a reason to shut it down since the military on the base camp is accused of misusing taxpayer funds to drop gifts to Micronesian Islands around the holidays under the name of training aka Operation Christmas Drop. The base, in turn, appoints ‘forever Santa of the base camp’, Captain Andrew (Ludwig) to assist and show Erica around and keep her away from the preparations of the drop and convince her that everything that’s happening is to help under-privileged, needy islanders and all is done under charity and donations.

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What follows next is way too predictable and ends on a happy note with everyone being content and cheerful with the drop, right from the Congresswomen, Angie Bradford (Virginia Madsen) who’s been appointed ‘Head of the Base Realignment and Closure Commission’, Erica escaping family visits to avoid confronting her step-mom to Andrew who finally gets to meet his family on Christmas and of course the islanders.

The tropical beach, these islanders, and the festival finally work like magic on everyone. And as a Christmas movie should end, Erica and Andrew end up together. The only takeaway that as an audience I have or the makers wanted us to have was the niceness of the festival and that Christmas Magic does happen. It’s a reminder of the Christmas spirit that we have seen in most Christmas movies. The joy one gets by helping others is unparalleled and Christmas is not about making it a merry one just for yourself, instead, it’s about making it a happy one for others too.

And just on that note, I would recommend watching this one!

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