With 24 songs, the Oppenheimer soundtrack is an acoustic playlist that stays with you

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Oppenheimer soundtrack

Violins and five days of work, Swedish composer Ludwig Göransson gave another hit with the latest Oppenheimer soundtrack.

The Nolan movie that everyone was looking forward to has been in the theatres for five days now and the crazy around it still hasn't dialed down. People have been deeply impacted by the story and have been talking about their favourite moments, actors, dialogues since. Although none of these come as a surprise we cannot help but praise how well Christopher Nolan was able to bring the whole movie together, with the help of a bunch of talents to work on the behind the scenes. This includes Ludwig Göransson, who is known for scoring across universes. 2023 has a new obsession and the Oppenheimer soundtrack is to be thanked for.

Ludwig has previously collaborated with Ryan Coogler for his Rocky franchise 'Creed' and two of his Marvel outings with 'Black Panther' and 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever'. He also entered the Star Wars world by creating the theme song for 'The Mandalorian'. Göransson also was part of Disney/Pixar’s 'Turning Red' and crafted the 2000s boy band songs from the movie. He ventured to expand his music creations by joining Christopher Nolan in his movie Tenet in 2020.

He joined the filmmaker and composed 24 songs that makes up for 2 and half hours of music in his latest film Oppenheimer. Anyone who has watched the film would know the importance of that in taking the story forward. The impression of each of these scenes could be credited to the music that managed to hit all the right spots with just one instrument - the violin. Nolan wanted to make use of violin's ability to be describe romance and turmoil at the same time. Ludwig worked with his wife to understand how the instrument works to bring out the element of horror in movies and went on to create a soundtrack for a movie that talked about a man's genius and the horrors of his invention. And he created the entire score in five days! YES!

From the ticking that sounds like a clock, beats that represent heartbeats, and pumps where you can feel the blast about to happen, he was able to give the audience everything that their auditory nerves would need to feel the moment. Not to forget, he created scores for a few characters, the aftermath of the bomb blast and more taking the movie's experience a notch higher. Ludwig was invited to an IMAX screen by the filmmaker to show him the visuals he was working on to show the test blast. The fluorescent lights and matters inspired him to then create the 7-minute-long masterpiece that filled the theatre's silence during one of the most paramount moments of the movie, the Trinity test. He captured the energy of the lights with the help of a string orchestra and created something that for sure is on its way to becoming iconic.

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