OTT shows memes that trended on our timeline in 2020

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OTT shows memes that trended on our timeline in 2020

In this pandemic, OTT shows became our rescue from the going-on around in the world while OTT shows memes became the new review system for the shows. 

This year other than exploring the OTT platforms for new shows and series we all also reveled in memes that came after the releases. We have shared, laughed, and even created memes over an OTT show. 

The culture of memes after an OTT release has become equivalent to the box-office collection. Earlier before the pandemic, the success of a show or film was decided through its box-office collection but now it’s decided through what the memes are saying about the show or film. They have reached far beyond the aspect of just tickling their audience. 

But what is a meme? A meme is a concept, joke, or catchphrase that is shared online for humorous purposes. Social media is the canvas and meme creators are artists through, videos, photos, or text. 

Netizens have taken this tool of meme for expression over any topic. From political to social to entertainment be it whatever is going on in the world meme would be pouring in. And in the past few years memes have taken a place for making a topic trending. And even the OTT shows are benefiting from it, if the memes of the particular show are trending, people tend to usually attract to watch the show. 

So here are some of the most trending memes on OTT shows of the year 2020 collated for you. Let’s go down the laughing train one more time.


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Since the year is ending and we are taking a look back at everything that happened in the year and then why not memes? After all, these were the ones that kept a little laughter and sanity alive in this insane year.

Here's a little more to tickle your funny bone!


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