Prime Video launches Crunchyroll®, the ultimate destination for Anime worldwide, on Prime Video channels in India!

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Prime members can subscribe to Crunchyroll via Prime Video Channels and enjoy the widest selection of anime content in multiple languages!

Prime Video, India’s most loved entertainment destination, today launched Crunchyroll®, the ultimate destination for anime worldwide, on Prime Video Channels, increasing access to some of the most popular anime content for fans in India. Prime members can now purchase an , gaining access to over 800 anime titles, including the latest shows and movies, some of which will be available for viewers in India in multiple languages, immediately after their release in Japan.

With a subscription to Crunchyroll on Prime Video Channels, Prime members can enjoy more than 40 new shows from the new anime season, including the new sci-fi monster series Kaiju No.8, the fan-favourite series Black Butler - Public School Arc, which returned nearly ten years after its original run, Solo Leveling, Demon Slayer -Hashira Training Arc- and many more. Select shows and movies will also be available in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, in addition to English.


The popularity of anime content in India has grown exponentially over the last few years, and through various Channels, we are working towards building a wide and diverse library of popular and blockbuster Japanese animation,” said Gaurav Bhasin, head of Prime Video Channels and Movie Rentals, Prime Video, India. “We are thrilled to launch Crunchyroll on Prime Video Channels and make it even more convenient for Prime members in India to watch premium and latest anime content, immediately after its release in Japan. The availability of select shows and movies in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu, besides English, will make anime more accessible for fans, while also helping introduce the genre to new viewers. We look forward to strengthening our anime programming on Prime Video Channels in the coming months.

Terry Li, Executive Vice President of Business Development at Crunchyroll, said, “Crunchyroll offers an anime adventure for every kind of fan. From sports to romantic comedy, horror and action to slice-of-life, even the anime-curious can get immersed in our library. We look forward to welcoming new fans into the anime community through our launch on Prime Video, offering convenient access to Crunchyroll’s vast library of anime, including the latest shows, new seasons and movies in India.”

Prime members in India can purchase an add-on subscription for Crunchyroll through Prime Video Channels.

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