10 over-the-top outfits for Navratri by your favorite creators that spell perfection!

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There's nothing wrong with overdressing for a festival and these over-the-top outfits for Navratri are proof!

The most awaited season, Navratri season is here. This Navratri feels special because finally after the 2-year-long pandemic we will finally be able to dress up and go to garba events and dance our hearts out. Dressing up together with friends makes Navratri even more special especially when you get to coordinate colors for outfits with them.

Choosing an outfit for any occasion feels like Sophie's choice and then what you had planned in your mind feels like another task when it comes to executing it. But there's always a little conflict in our heads about whether we should be under-dressed or over-dressed. And fighting this thought feels like a challenge. Anyone can wear anything they like at the end of the day! So if you have something in your head but you're having difficulty executing it, these creators will help you decide how to be OTT this Navratri.

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Check them out!

So how are you dressing up for this Navratri? Let us know in the comments below!

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