This is what our creators were up to during the weekend ft. Christmas

Arushi Dusaj
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over the weekend

The weekend was all about Christmas and happy vibes that were spread all over like confetti! And here's how our creators spent the weekend!

It's the last week of 2021 and kudos to everyone who's dealt with this year with the utmost grace and strength. Let's admit it, it was not easy for a lot of us to sail smoothly through the year. Although 2021 was a tad better than last year, it was still difficult to even think that we were all going to be happily celebrating NYE with our families! The second wave of the pandemic was not only scary but also left a lot of questions unanswered about how things would pan out for us this year. Of course, with the new COVID-19 variant just hanging above our heads like a sword things haven't been okay completely. But knowing that we're not the only ones dealing with uncertainty helps us sail through tough times and we have our creators to thank for that! These content creators are keeping it rather real on Instagram where they talk about their highs and lows and how they've been dealing with the pandemic and everything it brings along. With Christmas over the weekend, we spent a lot of time with friends and family but also enjoyed doing nothing and scrolling on Instagram where some of our favorite creators celebrated Christmas!

Brush up through the creators’ news over the weekend:

Hope you enjoy the last week of 2021 and have a great 2022!

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