These posts made by the content creators over the weekend will revive you, entertain you and will cure you of all your blues.

As always the “Khooni” Monday has come back to suck all our energy and excitement. To drown us in work and stress, unfortunately, it is an inevitable day of doom hovering always over our heads. But we can do something that can revive us of all of our blues, can’t we? How about watching some of the most creative entertaining posts by our content creators to help us out in our misery. Getting some fashion advice from them or roaming around virtually with them or just watching their funny videos of their puts a smile on our faces. So, let’s see how our content creators were busy creating content over the weekend to help us during the week.

Laugh out loud or dance like crazy or go back to those days or dress like your favourite food item or make fun of everyday small things. Whatever you do, do it with a bit of style and pizzazz and that’s exactly what these content creators are teachings us.

Here’s what the Instagram feeds of our content creators looked like:


We are just utterly loving these new posts on the feeds of these content creators. It totally made our day and hope this makes your day and week ahead. No matter whether it’s fashion advice or roaming around or just simply trying to make you laugh these creators after every weekend makes it possible to cure us of our blues.

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