Kill the Monday dejection with these posts from digital celebrities to restore your week ahead with piping excitement!

Annoying Mondays are back! With a truckload of work and a busy schedule, one might look for inspiration. We need to pull off this entire week before weekend hits, so gear up for some freshly brewed inspiration from your favorite social media influencers.

Check them out here:

Dolly Singh (@dollysingh) giving us couple-goals!

Instagram @dollysingh

Sritish Dixit’s (@srishtipatch) take on parents Now and Then

Masoom Minawala (@masoomminawala)shares her recently found hobby!

Instagram @masoomminawala

Shivest Bhatia (@shivesh17) gives his studio a makeover before Diwali arrives! Check out the video here:

Deep Pathare (@justdeepdrama) gave us a spooky surprise with this Halloween reel. Check the video here:

Fitness motivation? Debasree Banerjee (@debasreee) is giving us the Yoga motivation we need. Check out the video here:

This mother-son duo is giving us all the comfy feels! Check out Roshni Bhatia’s (@thechiquefactor) video here:

Halloween Fever by Alfiya Karim Khan (@trendelitee):

Source: Instagram

Karan Sareen‘s (@gorgeouspotahto) hilarious take on ‘hamari kamar’. Check out the video here:


Let us know below about your weekend stories! 🙂

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