These dialogues from Sacred Games 2 prove that Pankaj Triapthi is the ultimate Guruji we all need in our lives!

Pankaj Tripathi is one of the most talented and critically acclaimed actors of current times. He has worked in several shows and films and risen to the top of our favourites list by delivering one stellar performance after another. All of Pankaj Tripathi’s roles have given us some kick-ass life lessons, especially, latest stint as Guruji in Sacred Games. Today, the world celebrates Teacher’s Day and Pankaj Tripathi’s birthday. How apt, right? Here’s looking at some of his most famous dialogues from Sacred Games which could easily be real-life lessons!

Pankaj Tripathi

Balidaan Dena Hoga! – Sadly, we’re all a little too familiar with this one. Diet pe jane ke liye junk food ka sacrifice, pass hone ke liye neend ka sacrifice, local train mein travel karte waqt personal space ka sacrifice. Basically, life is a sacrifice.

Bhagwan humse kahaniyon mein baat karta hai, humari kahani mod kar, jod kar ek dusre mein dakhil karta hai.  – This probably proves all the last minute prayers before a test, an exam, a meeting basically every risky situation. People are busy saying, ‘Bhagwan, dekh lena.’

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Mrityu par vijay paane ke liye, kai baar marna padta hai. – This basically means never give up and defines everyone’s love life, no? Date and date till you manage to find someone you can tolerate you.

Time is radioactive. It decays and it stays for forever. It is a circle. – So, it’s not just your beer belly, jk! I think, in simple words, this means, what goes around will definitely come around. So, choose your actions wisely, peeps!

Humein sex ko saans ki tarah sahej banana hai, make love to the soul. – This one is certainly one of the most relevant pieces of advice from Guruji.

Hamare bojh se dharti fatt rahi hai. – Now read this AGAIN! While he may have had a terrible sinister plan up his sleeve to destroy Earth or at least most humans in India, he wasn’t wrong about this observation. The Earth is suffering and we need to do more than just taking note.

Jab sab kuch niyantrit lagne lage tabhi naye arth ko khojne ki ichha hone lagti hai. – Keep indulging in your need to find the unexplored. Go beyond the obvious and look for the answers you seek.

Your orgasm is the biggest force inside you, if you control it, you win. – Ye alag baat hai ke tumhari busy life aur orgasm ka door door tak relation nahi hai. But, to those who do have an active sex life, control is the key, my friends.

Here’s a little more of Guruji’s gyaan before Teacher’s Day ends:

Aham Brahmasmi, peeps!