Twitter lands on hilarious memes after this man's paragliding video went viral

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Internet is a very strange place. Who knew that a paragliding video can go viral and this not so adventurous but high on adrenaline man will become Meme Content in no time.

The man who went for Paragliding in Himachal Pradesh might now want to do Skydiving but the experience definitely enlightened him with few things -

  • Paragliding is not easy
  • And he is a M*******d

Jokes apart. The man had guts to test himself in badalon ki uchai. But the netizens are glad that they stumbled upon something like this and got chance to do what they are best at it. MEMES. And can we blame them for this?

Right from realising him being in the air, to being in discomfort, instructor yelling and actually kicking him, to him demanding and later negotiating a quicker and safer landing, to the slang used to calm himself. The video is a gold mine of Memes. Well, honestly we all can easily relate to every word spoken by him (Ok not every word, if you know what I mean).

What's interesting in this video is that, despite being terrified to the core, he held the selfie stick with sturdiness. Talent h boss!

Well, Memers, thanks for all these memes, here is a chance to redeem your talent. Participate in Indian Memers League.

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