Tweeple have the best reaction to Parle-G marking its highest sales in the last 8 decades during COVID-19!

As we are stuck at home due to the pandemic, we are exposed to heart-wrenching news all the time. While many across the globe are facing unprecedented fall in their business and profits, Parle-G just logged record sales during Covid-19.

Looks like everytime people stocked groceries, they made sure Parle-G was one of the items in their cart. Our famous childhood biscuit was mass-consumed in the months of April and May, thus helping the company gain market share of around 5% in the highly competitive biscuit section.

Owing to its longer shelf life, Indians made sure the biscuit was part of the essentials. The all-time high sales indicate towards the brand image and the kind of trust people have in ‘their’ biscuit.

Check out how Twitterati reacted to the news:

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