Take a look at these parody accounts on Twitter and Instagram that will leave you in splits.

The ability to make fun of others without hurting them and instantly being able to create a moment where they laugh along is what art is. Parody is a type of comedy that is aimed at making satirical comments on a subject. It can result in hate if it’s not handled tactfully. A parody can be made on anything and everything, after all, we love to have a good laugh, right?

Social media is all about different kinds of content that we share online. As humans, we always find things amusing and entertaining even when there are things that we don’t agree on. Some thoughts leave us wondering, while some just break the tension. Even though we may be afraid to put it forward, there are various accounts that are doing it for us. These are the Parody accounts of famous celebrities, organizations, etc that we know and have talked about. These accounts manage to share their hilarious content out there without being offensive. If you want to have a good laugh or are looking for a parody account of your favorite celebrity to follow, check out the list.

Check out these accounts:



Mukesh Ambani – Ambani hu

Bobby Deol – Bobbywood

Himesh Reshmmaiya – Himesh doing things

Nick Jonas – National Jiju

Queen Elizabeth

Rayon Magazine


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