#KetchupNow: These Pathaan theatre reactions are giving us all the FOMO to drag us into theatres!

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Pathaan theatre reactions

SRK's Pathaan is breaking all records at the box office but amidst all that Pathaan theatre reactions are going viral and how!

After a long wait King Khan has returned with an absolute bang! The recently released Pathaan has created a storm at the box office by breaking all records. While there are many reasons behind the massive success of the film but the biggest one is watching Shah Rukh Khan back in action after 4 years, so much so that the film is not just a film but a celebration in itself. And by the Pathaan theatre reactions that are pouring in from everywhere, it looks like he has turned theatres into stadiums where it isn't just the Pathaan who is busy dancing but is making everyone Jhoom to his tunes!

The craze is felt everywhere and is giving those people FOMO who still haven't gone to watch the film in theatres. Such reactions where people are dancing and hooting in the theatres everywhere is probably seen after a very very long time. And as a country that enjoys cinema with so much heart, these reactions are as heartwarming as they are pleasing.

What's amazing is that these are not limited to India! People from outside the borders are also enjoying the film in a very similar fashion. If anything these reactions to Pathaan should be more than proof that we are a country who loves its cinema and heroes!

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Don't these reactions make you want to go to the theatres to watch Pathaan and dance to Jhoome Jo Pathaan to your heart's content? Tell us in the comments below!

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