Paytm CEO's address triggers mixed responses on Social Media

Mohammad Kanchwala
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Paytm CEO's address triggers mixed responses on Social Media
Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma's address at the company's annual party is the latest talk of the social media town

The Paytm CEO, understandably has been celebrating the skyrocketing business of his company post demonetization, something that has seen Paytm become synonymous with mobile wallets, much like Colgate is to toothpaste in India.

There is a certain moral code that applies to all of us, regardless of the social strata that we belong to, and the higher we climb, the stricter it gets. Now it is true that some societal restrictions are arbitrary and ancient, some even illogical, but when it concerns decency the definitions hardly vary among people.

Now interpret the following however you may, arrogance or joy, indecent or just happy, the video managed to catch the attention of social media users, many who questioned Vijay Shekhar’s behavior and some asking to just let the man celebrate.

Let us take a look at some of the social media reactions, positive and negative.

Here are some who spoke in support of Vijay Shekhar.

1. Makes sense.

2. 5 tweets......and he does have a fair point.




3. I find myself leaning towards this side of the argument now..

4. This guy only believes in facts. 

5. The way all CEOs should address their employees? Not so sure. 

6. We guess this is a positive comment...






7. It was a private party though.






8. Comparisons between Paytm CEO and Steve Ballmer are not even a bad thing!





9. But those dance moves?

10. *breaks into a nervous November sweat* *checks wallet for cash*

And here are some people who do not share the same opinion.

1. Those who are not with you, did not really have much a choice right?


2. That's an interesting comparison.

3. Iss tweet ke baare me aapka kya khayal hai? Kya Paytm CEO sacchmuch ghamandi hai ??


4. This is just a translation of the above tweet!

5. Hey! Don't call it shitty until the ATMs start working regularly

6. How many of us have woken up to realize we did something like that?

7. I don't think the CEO's behavior at a party affects the product.

8. Maybe he said "Open sesame!"






9. Allowed? 







10. That's luck, and it has made men billionaires overnight. A lot of them. 







What are your thoughts about this incident? Arrogance or just a joyous celebration? Let us know at

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