Things People do on Social Networks But Will Not do in Real Life

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Things People do on Social Networks But Will Not do in Real Life

Today its a no strange phenomenon that people tend to spend more time online rather than meeting real people in real world, since online platform gives you freedom to project a persona of yours which might not actually be true, hence we see all type of weirdos online.

Here is the list of behaviors that one will only dare to do on social networking site.

Be a stalker

Remember those days of Orkut where a user was able to see who all visited his/her profile? Back then, stalking on social media was at its nascent stage, then came Facebook without any such features and since then stalking has evolved to be a full time job for few. Admit it you yourself must have done this at some point of time. Stalking your crush or ex’s being the famous genre of all. Well obviously if you have a sane mind you would not dare to emulate this act in your real life.

Things People do on social networks but will not do in real life (offline) in public

Ask for Fraaandship with Random people

You don't see people on roads asking to be friends with random strangers, but this peculiar behavior can be found on world wide web, what’s shocking is that even guys get such request from other guys themselves (or may be atleast I have).

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Invite to play Candy Crush

Nobody will ever walk up to you and request you to play Candy Crush in real life because that is just uncool. However you get bombarded with zillions of request from the people you actually least expect.

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Use Hashtags in every sentence

"#OMG had such a good time. #Fun #Friends #Party #Saturday #dance" is how some people speak on social media. It surely will annoy the heck out of you. Plus you obviously cannot speak like this in real life. If they do please stay away from them.

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Block people

How you wish you had this option in your real life too, no matter how annoying someone is you still have to bear with him/her. However blocking people on social network is definitely no strange thing at all.

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Comment on every news

They have their opinion on every single happenings of the world whether it makes sense or not. They won’t shy away from displaying it through their social media accounts even if they cannot speak a word about it in real life in the form of a debate.



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