Social media shares its outrage on Sajid Khan joining Bigg Boss Season 16!

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Accused of sexual harassment during the #MeToo movement in India, Sajid Khan becomes a part of Bigg Boss season 16 and people share their rage about the same.

Bigg Boss has always been a controversy puller making people talk about the show even before the actual episodes start streaming. This year too it has managed to stir one after including Sajid Khan as one of the contestants. A director who belongs to the list of filmmakers accused of misconduct by the female artists of the industry, Sajid Khan was under the radar after multiple women accused him of sexual harassment during the MeToo movement in India. After receiving multiple complaints, he was banned by The Indian Film and Television Directors’ Association (IFTDA) from directing films. The show has returned for its 16th season and people are showing their disregard for this year's contestant lineup. One who has particularly irked the audiences is the entry of Sajid Khan. And they're showing their rage about the same online.

Over the years we have seen people getting upset regarding the contestants or the way they act in the show. Despite all the controversies, the show remains a favorite guilty pleasure among the audience. But people are angry at the showrunners for including someone like the director in the show. The fans are also upset with Shehnaz Gill, also a former Bigg Boss contestant for showing her support for the director.

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