Netizens are losing it over the most perfect burger bun ever

Aanchal Mohta
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perfect burger bun

A picture of the most perfect burger bun ever went viral because it is too perfect for Netizens to handle!

The Internet has gone crazy over the picture of a burger bun on posted on social media. It is absolutely stunning to see the bun looking perfectly flawless. The bun appears to be soft making it aesthetically pleasing. It is a perfect treat to an eye with OCD. The picture was posted on May 17th 2020 on Twitter by @otter_weekend and it has gone crazy viral with around 4 lakh likes and 53,000 retweets. The caption read “Drop that skincare routine” on the tweet. Yes, the perfect burger bun has been discovered and it feels just be too good to be true!

Take a look at these tweets that can’t stop praising the perfect burger bun:

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