Here are some of the most adorable and fluffiest pets of Instagram that will make you fall in love. Have a look.

The lockdown and the attached stay(at home)cation gave us enough time to spend with pets or, for those of us who are not so lucky to have pets, scroll through Instagram looking at pet pictures. No matter how tedious work from home gets or how boring the pandemic, you know what’s the one thing that can always bring smiles to our faces? Pet pictures! Hoomans do not get to be the only ‘breed’ of influencers. There are several cute and charming doggos and cats who are now digital Creators with their own Instagram pages showing off their lifestyle and routine.

Here are a few of the pets of Instagram in all their glory. Ready for a cuteness overload? Here we go!

Plowy- @plowythecat

Kira- @thegoldenkira

Cara Belle- @carabellecat

Mr. Maynard and Baby Chloe- @maynardandchloe

Princess Honey- @honeylicious_meow

Cherry- @cherrydpug

Cookie Paws- @cookiepaws_thelab


Rumi Sejpal- @mycatrumi

Coby- @cobythecat

Taco- @tacoisthenewblack

Toffiee & Grace- @shihtzu.divas

Venus- @venustwofacecat

Carmen Franklin- @carmen.chihuahua

Flip- @redcat_flip

Aren’t they just adorable?

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