Do your bit for the environment with these steps on Plastic Bag Free Day

Smrithi Mohan
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Plastic Bag Free Day

As we celebrate Plastic Bag Free Day on July 3rd, we have made a list of basic things and steps that one can take to make this world plastic-free.

One thing that needs to be taken out of our beautiful planet is the huge amount of plastic that is causing harm and pollute it. We have seen campaigns and protest carried out to help spread awareness about the negatives of single-use plastic. Plastic bags are something we use for 25 minutes but takes about 1000 years for the same bag to decompose. The bag that we used once, is probably still out there. To help contribute further to this idea, July 3rd is celebrated as Plastic Bag Free Day. On this day people are encouraged to use clothe bag instead of a plastic bag when going grocery shopping. This day also aims at eliminating the use of plastics in our everyday life to help make this planet a less pollute place to live in.

Here all you can do on Plastic Bag Free Day:

Stop the use of single-use plastic bags.

Use cloth or paper bag when going shopping. This not only saves money but also helps in saving the environment.

Get crafty and make your own bag, just style it.

Volunteer your time or money with an environmental organization that works on cleaning water and landmasses of plastic bags.

Recycle all the plastic in your house and office.

Create awareness among your family and friends.

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