8 Mashups ft India's Social Media Superstar PM Narendra Modi

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8 Mashups ft India's Social Media Superstar PM Narendra Modi

If you are an avid Narendra Modi speech enthusiast, you may remember a lot of emotions that the man has the ability to conjure in his faithful janta, but these videos from Official Peeing Human, who manages to make Narendra Modi speeches way more entertaining.

Hard work, patience, creativity and dedication may be the ingredients to the recipe for success, but these virtues have also managed to give us some of the most astonishing and ‘WTF’ moments of laughter. Don’t believe us? Well, you will after you’re done watching all these Narendra Modi speech mashups featuring Mr. Kejriwal, Baba Ramdev, Rahul Gandhi and also Akhilesh Yadav!

1. Ultimate Hits : Modi feat MC Kejriwal

2. We all know who is the bigger star here!

3. Narendra Modi - The man who plans a Goa Trip and actually goes there

4. Karan Johar are you listening?

5. That part with the flute!

6. I’m in love with the CoCo too!

7. Modiji and Kejriwal are the most frequent collaborators

8. Kindergarten with Rahul Gandhi with a special appearance from Modiji

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