On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave his first ever interview since he assumed office as the Prime Minister of India and it generated considerable hype.

Until this day, the Prime Minister much rather preferred to communicate his words to the janta through his Twitter handle. This time, however, Modi surprised everyone.

Viewers are accustomed to Arnab Goswami’s preferred interview technique of loud questions, hurling accusations, and repeated delivery of his popular catchphrase, “…the nation wants to know.” Instead, what they were greeted with a feeble and unusually calm Arnab Goswami, who looked like he was interviewing his role model.

Social media users did not take Arnab Goswami’s unusually accommodating avatar as an interviewer too kindly and were not afraid to call it out on Twitter and Facebook.

The hashtag #PMSpeaksToArnab was trending and social media was abuzz with people either praising the interview or criticizing it. Either way, it did generate a lot of buzz than it intended to and helped our Prime Minister put his thoughts across to the nation.

While social media took to different opinions, we decided to present you the best ones.