Creators and Netizens react to PM's 6 pm speech that could have been an email

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PM's 6 pm speech

Desi Twitter and Creators didn't hold back from sharing their funny thoughts after PM's 6 pm speech on Tuesday.

Every time our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi decides on addressing the nation, there is a bunch of things that run throughout minds. The longgg pause and new Hindi words are just a few that top the list. When the PM made an announced about his speech on Tuesday, the nation waited in anticipation as to what he will be addressing. And yet again, we spend our time waiting to hear a speech that could easily have been a mail. Our office Zoom calls have way more content than PM's 6 pm speech.

In his seventh address to the nation during the pandemic, apart from mentioning all the festivals that the nation will be celebrating in the next two months, PM cautioned the people of COVID-19 spread ahead of the festivals. He asked the citizens to continue to adhere to the COVID-appropriate behaviour and norms until the vaccine is released. As soon as he was done addressing the nation, people took to Twitter to share their new set of 'PM Modi memes'.

Check out how people reacted to PM's 6 pm speech:

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