13 podcast channels discovered on Instagram that makes for an entertaining listen

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podcast channels discovered on Instagram

Check out this list of podcast channels discovered on Instagram that you can follow and enjoy while you go about doing your work.

What's better than having random thoughts out of nowhere? Sharing them with friends who end up sharing their own list of thoughts that are crazier. Podcasts have become a part of our everyday commute, work or chill sesh and the ease with which one can start their own podcast channel along with friends or people who share the same interest has introduced us to a new one every now and then. Today, there are thousands of podcasts that one can choose from and podcast channels discovered on Instagram have quite a few nice options.

Although a podcast is all audio, we don't always discover a new channel on audio platforms. Short video platforms have become a major source for listeners to come across new channels talking about topics that interest them. These need not always be well researched and tactful discussions, they can be something as silly as two friends wondering if they can survive a zombie apocalypse, fight a bear or even their favourite kind of momos. Podcasts have to offer all kinds of entertainment and that has become a reason for their increasing numbers and popularity. There is a list of podcast channels discovered on Instagram that you can listen to while stuck in traffic, doing your homework, doing chores or even pretending to finish up your work in office.

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Here's a list of channels you can follow!

Broke Brothers

Having Said That



Raw & Real Podcast

Hamza Podcast Coach

The Abhishek Dwan Podcast

Podcast But Outside

Dropouts Podcast

The Comment Section

Frank Film Club

Tiger Belly


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