Here’s a list of everything you can listen to on Audible Suno to pass your time.

It’s 2 days down from the 21 days lockdown in India but many of us have been working from home for over a week. And through this week of being at home one thing that we all have been hearing apart from the music and web-series is our mom shouting at us for nothing in particular (almost like any other day). The only thing that excited about this lockdown is that we have more time to binge-watch our favourite series or the series that we always wanted to watch. But the thing with binge-watch is that you tend to strain your eyes a lot. Let’s all agree this is not good and since we have a lot of time with us, we can get to other ways of entertaining us. Have you tried listening to stories like we did when we were young? There is something special about listening to a story because we get to imagine it the way we want to. Audible Suno is one audio-streaming option that lets you listen to books, series, movie, etc recited by some of the famous celebrities who will take you on a different expanse of imagination. Before you get confused and start wondering what you can listen to on Audible Suno, we have made a list that will sort things out for you.

Check out this list of stories you can listen to on Audible Suno:

Ae Dil Hai Complicated

Be Stupid

My Ex-Breast

Kissa Khawbon ka

Kaali Awaazein

Why would you do this?

Permanent roommates


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Thriller Factory

Agla station investigation

Gully ki awaaz

Bhoot Kaal

The Unexperts

Have you checked them out yet?