Transpeak, the podcast channel is educating listeners about the Trans community

Smrithi Mohan
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Transpeak is educating and 'Trans-forming' the 'Cis-stem' and society about various issues that matter to the trans community.

It's always amazing to see various platforms grow when it comes to content that's being produced and shared. With the increasing diversity, the quality of content has only gotten better off late. When it comes to talking about issues that concern various spectrums of society, podcasts happen to be a great platform. When experts from the community share their insights, it helps the listeners to be more educated about things that they weren't otherwise aware of. The podcast channel, Transpeak is helping people do the same with their streams.

Understanding the deeds, trials, errors, and successes of the LGBTQIA+ community is and will always be the need of the hour. Not everyone is aware of the issues that take place in this community and most of the times, due to lack of knowledge and ignorance, it leads to them being treated badly. The trans community is one that's always been shamed or belittled. But there have been many successful people from the community who changed their fate and showed the world how powerful they truly are. Multimedia journalist and transman, Prithvi Paltan is using a podcast as a way for trans-forming the cis community. Their podcasts have various members from the community come onboard and speak about various things that matter to the community.

Chem them out!

Nikita on comprehensive sexuality

Mridul talks about transitioning

Unnati on navigating educational spaces

Aryan on trans joy

Prithvi on privilege

Let's educate ourselves about the community and celebrate them. Happy Pride Month!

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