Apart from sharing all the recipes to the tasty food and deserts, Pooja has her own podcast called the noSugarcoat. We have made a list of Pooja Dhingra’s podcasts that every food and business lover should listen to.

Food is one of the best therapies that people need to lift their mood. Deserts are just the icing on the cake, like literally. There is no cake or pastry that doesn’t fail to bring a smile on a face. Pastry Chefs who have specialised in making all these delicacies always are nothing but close to God for all the amazing work they do to satisfy all the sweet-tooth in the world. Indian pastry chef Pooja Dhingra is one such chef who has been bringing smiles with her recipes.

She is also a businesswoman with her own franchise called the Le15 Patisserie. Apart from having her own restaurant and YouTube channel, she also has her own podcast called the noSugarcoat. Food is a major part of her life so much so that her podcasts that talk about and to people who belong to the industry. The life of any restaurant is the kitchen that prepares and serves food. Through her podcast, she indulges in interesting conversations highlighting the stories from restaurant walls and kitchen.

Take a look at some of Pooja Dhingra’s podcast:

For Starters

With Gary Mehigan

With Garima Arora

With Thomas Zacharias

Happy Birthday, Pooja!

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