Bridgerton mamas and Indian mothers are more alike than we think!

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Ever thought about it? Bridgerton's mamas mirror Indian mothers in matchmaking and family love. Be it Violet's kindness or Lady Portia's ambitious plans, here's why they remind me of Indian mothers.

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If, like me, you’ve binged through the fabulous Regency-era drama 'Bridgerton,' you know the mamas in the series are extraordinary. While #Kanthony and #Polin enchanted us with their romance, the mamas added much-needed flavor to the season. With their intricate gowns, elaborate hairstyles, razor-sharp wit, and an eye for the perfect match, they navigate the social season with one goal: marrying off their children to the most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. In this regard, I couldn't help but notice a striking resemblance between Bridgerton mamas and Indian mothers. Yes, you heard that right! Despite the differences in time periods and cultural backgrounds, Bridgerton mamas and Indian mothers are more alike than we think! 

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Don’t believe me? Let me explain!

Lady Violet Bridgerton: The gentle matriarch

Lady Violet Bridgerton is the ultimate loving and dedicated mom, just like our beloved Indian mothers. She’s got her nose in every part of her kids’ lives, offering warmth, wisdom, and sometimes too much advice. Sure, she might overstep now and then, but it’s all because she wants to see them happy—especially when it comes to tying the knot. Balancing the ton’s strict social rules while ensuring her children’s happiness? The expertise of Lady Violet, and a challenge that many Indian moms are familiar with. 

Lady Portia Featherington: The ambitious but cunning mama

Lady Portia is the quintessential Indian mom in a Regency-era gown. She’s got her flaws, like the fat-shaming, and a clear favorite among her kids (come on, we’ve all seen it!). To her, daughters are like stocks to invest in, a sentiment that would make many Indian parents nod in agreement. Armed with meager means but limitless ambition, Lady Portia’s methods might be brash and bossy, but it’s all to see her girls land the best husbands in town. After all, she’s been through pain in her own marriage and will do anything to ensure her daughters avoid the same fate.

Lady Danbury: The self-appointed matchmaker

Lady Danbury is like that cool bua who’s an unofficial matchmaker—think Sima Aunty without the toxicity. She might be a bit intimidating, but she's always got your back, especially if you're a young debutante trying to survive society’s madness. She's a strong and sharp aunt we all stan! One might say that she is not a mother but look at her relationship with Simon. One does not need to give birth to be a mother, does she?

Penelope Bridgerton: The brilliant but gossipy mama

Like all Indian mothers, she loves gossip! And like many Indian mothers, Penelope is perfectly capable of being self-sufficient but often finds herself overlooked by society. Her struggle to balance her career with marriage is a common story for many Indian women. Despite these challenges, Penelope’s mix of brilliance and warmth will make her a supermom. Her son will undoubtedly inherit her ambitious streak and Colin’s kindness—a winning combination!

Lady Marina Thompson: The resilient mama

Lady Marina went through a lot; the entire ton turned their backs on her. But did she give up? No! She made compromises to ensure a good future for her kids. Just like all Indian mothers, even in the toughest times, her children came first.

Kate Bridgerton: Part-time sister, part-time mother

While the new viscountess is not a mother yet, her extreme protectiveness of her younger sister Edwina screams maternal instincts. She's like that elder sister who's also a part-time mom, ensuring Edwina lands the perfect match, even if it means putting her own dreams on hold. When Kate does have kids of her own, she'll raise them to be as fearless and independent as she is, with Anthony probably spoiling them!

Queen Charlotte: The regal grandma

Queen Charlotte, though not shown as a mom in Bridgerton, certainly rules the ton like a strict dadi maa. Her eagle eye oversees every twist and turn in the season. Her approval or disapproval always sway all the potential matches. However, don't let her snarky mask fool you; beneath it, like every dadi maa, she's a softie!

Lady Araminta Cowper: The selfish mama

Not all mothers are devoted to their kids, some can be highly toxic. Cressida Cowper is one such self-serving mother. While I understand that she herself is stuck in an abusive marriage, she does nothing to save her daughter from suffering too. She chases social status even if it means that Cressida gets stuck with an ancient and grumpy groom. When Cressida needs her the most, she leaves her to fend for herself. Sadly, her actions show us the darker side of societal pressures and the lengths some mothers will go to save themselves.

Which Bridgerton mama reminds you of your mom? Let us know in the comments!

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