As we remember Matthew Perry, here's what we're going to remember Chandler Bing for!

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Chandler Bing

Chandler Bing

Chandler Bing was more than just a character as he was humanised by a wonderful person and actor, Matthew Perry, whose death reigns in his loss too!

On October 29th, 2023, we woke up with an episode of FRIENDS that none of us even wanted to be scripted but life had other plans. We were in an episode titled 'The one where we had to say goodbye to Chandler Bing' as the news of Matthew Perry's death came around. His death automatically converted to mourning because we were also mourning the loss of Chandler, his most beloved character. Chandler wasn't just a character; he made us laugh out loud with his jokes, became the greenest flag of all with Monica, showed us the real meaning of brotherhood with Joey, and more than anything, became a friend in need to not just the other 5 but to all of us. 

Beyond being an actor, Matthew Perry also spread awareness for addiction as he dealt with it himself with alcoholism and Vicodin pills. In and out of rehab all his life, his motive was to help people with addiction, and he even built a Malibu house for people who those in need. He always wanted to be remembered for it, even more than being a part of FRIENDS! He said in his memoir 'Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing' that "If I die, it would shock people, but it wouldn't surprise anybody." And all I can say today, after his loss, is that it was as much a shock as it was a surprise. In honor of his wish, here is a piece on Chandler Bing who also helped a lot of people in so many ways! Because on your worst days, he'd crack you right up!

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Chandler's sarcasm 

Chandler's sarcasm might be a defense mechanism for him but boy did he become the poster child for being the best comedian who never missed the punchline to make everyone laugh. His jokes to date are the funniest of all and are still referenced in pop culture as memes, GIFs, and so much more! 

Chandler - the green flag 

Chandler might not know how to be the best boyfriend in a relationship, but with Monica, his willingness to always learn and accept her as she is made him the biggest green flag in the show. Sure, he has his insecurities but his eagerness to work on them made him special. 

Chandler's brotherhood 

Who can forget Joey and Chandler's bond! They are the best of buddies who come back to each other to live together and go on various adventures, fight over girls, look after each other's needs, hug it out every time, and more than anything, be best friends for life where Chandler's future plans include a space for Joey! 

Chandler's friendship 

Apart from Chandler's relationship with Monica and Joey, his bond with Ross from college is always special. He's so supportive of the various adventures that they have. Even though he hadn't known Rachel and Phoebe as long as he'd known the others, they had some of the greatest moments on the show, whether it was breaking up together or eating cheesecake off the floor! 

Chandler IS Matthew Perry

It's true that there's no Chandler Bing without Matthew Perry! And if behind the scenes is any proof then Perry was just as much of a goofball as Chandler was onscreen even in dealing with all his insecurities. Maybe that's why while remembering Matthew Perry, everyone everywhere can remember Chandler Bing, our beloved Mrs. Chanandler Bong!

Perry's loss hits us on a personal level and one of the reasons is Chandler Bing. Some characters just end up becoming so human that the actors who play them become immortal for us. And while we will miss you, Matthew Perry for everything you were, we hope you rest in peace knowing that Chandler will be there with all of us, even if it's as a bittersweet memory!

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