8 characters from movies and TV shows who would be great Diwali hosts!

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We've had so much fun watching these characters on-screen that it totally made us wonder what a Diwali party hosted by them would feel like!

One of the biggest things we look forward to during Diwali are the Diwali parties that we’re invited to. Some look forward to it because of the food, some cannot wait to reunite with their friends and family after a long time and some just want to wear their best traditional outfits and click pictures. Regardless, the intention of it is to bring everyone under one roof and have that warm, wholesome feeling. But not everyone has the skill to be a good host. There’s always a back bone of the group, the leader who puts everything together.

There have been quite a few characters in movies and TV shows who have seamlessly portrayed what it really takes to be a good host. You have to be a people’s person, you have to be fun, be a foodie and most importantly set the vibe right. We’ve loved watching these characters bring the whole cast together. We even learned a thing or two from them about how to be everyone’s favorite host. It sucks that they only exist in the world of fiction because attending a Diwali party hosted and curated by one of them would literally be the best thing ever. It would set the bar so high for all the future Diwali parties to come!

Here's who we want to kickstart Diwali with!

Rocky Randhawa - Rocky aur Rani Kii Prem Kahani

Rocky is the life of the party. He loves dancing and literally anything that gives him an opportunity to give hugs and spread smiles. This ‘heartthrob’ would definitely throw us the most filmy Diwali party of the year and who wouldn’t want that?

Monica Geller - Friends

If there was a school that just taught how to be a good host, she would be the principal of it. Food at the end of the day is what brings everyone together and Monica loves feeding her loved ones. Imagine going to a Diwali party where she's made everything from scratch. But you can't forget to put coasters under your drinks and brace yourselves before playing Diwali games with the most competitive person ever!

Barbie - Barbie

This is for everyone who loves everything pink. Imagine having a Diwali party in the dreamy Barbie world! A place where there’s no room for negative thoughts seems perfect as Diwali is supposed to only be about happiness and light. Barbie would dance the night away with you and all her other Barbie friends!

Karan and Tara - Made in Heaven

Who better than two wedding planners to plan a Diwali party as well? From decor to caterers, they have contacts for all of it. Karan and Tara would throw the most aesthetically pleasing yet sophisticated Diwali party you’d ever see! 

Sam - Ted Lasso

If you’re a Ted Lasso fan, I bet you’d be first in line to attend a Diwali party hosted by Sam at his restaurant. And of course the entire AFC Richmond team would be in attendance too. Sam is all about honoring cultures and good food and that's why he would be an amazing host to have!

Eric - Sex Education

Eric has always been so flamboyant! As someone who likes dressing up and getting invited to parties. he will be a great host as he might have good sense of what a party needs! 

P.S. If you get invited to Eric’s party, make sure you wash your hands, you dirty pigs!

The Queen - Bridgerton

The world of Bridgerton takes you right back to the era of ballroom dancing, corsets, princes and princesses. While it's supposed to give you vintage vibes, Bridgerton has always incorporated modern day music into their era as well. We all went crazy when the violin version of K3G was played on the show, so imagine how perfect it would be if the Queen hosted a ball with only Bollywood music playing in the background!

Boyle - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

He is the most excited person in a group who also loves taking care of his loved ones. He will be your biggest cheerleader and hype you up in the best way to let loose and just have fun together! 

Which of these characters’ Diwali parties would you love to attend? Let us know in the comments below!

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