9 characters who taught us to keep our inner child alive!

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Children live each day as it comes, without any worry about the future and these on-screen characters phenomenally embody that in adulthood as well. Let’s have a look at characters who had their inner child fully taken care of!

We have an inner child in all of us and all we need to do is reawaken this child from time to time. Instead of remembering certain things as only childhood memories, we can continue to do the things that gave us joy and satisfaction as a child, even as we reach adulthood. In the nitty gritties of life, we often get lost in the many burdens that come along as we gradually progress further and further. They somehow only seem to get bigger as we grow older.

But often when we’re watching fictional characters, we realize that many of them are fully in touch with their inner child. That energy, that enthusiasm for life is so infectious that it comes right out of the screen and touches your heart! They give you some much needed reminders; for instance, telling you that no matter how old you are, you’re still a child somewhere on the inside and that’s beautiful!

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Here are some flag bearers of keeping your inner child alive!

Alexis - Schitt’s Creek

One thing we had as kids that we now probably don’t is immense self confidence. Alexis might’ve learnt a lot of things along the way but one thing she never had to worry about was the confidence she exudes. I mean if she can dance to ‘A little bit Alexis’ like it’s the best song in the world, she can conquer anything she puts her heart to and that’s what we need to remind ourselves of more often!

Rancho - 3 Idiots

Rancho really emphasized on focusing on your goals but also not forgetting to have fun along the way. If you study just for the heck of it, it’s never going to come to you but if you study because you find it fun, you will really learn. Some hilarious pranks and a great reassurance in the term called ‘All is Well’ never harmed anyone!

Rocky Randhawa - Rocky aur Rani Kii Prem Kahani

Rocky has the childlike innocence where he wears his heart on his sleeve and he never has any filter! He unabashedly speaks his mind and it’s something we struggle to do as adults.

Jess - New Girl

Just like kids, Jess too feels like a breath of fresh air. Her optimism and zest for life is an absolute inner child quality we all need!

Ellie - Last of Us

The girl was in a literal apocalypse but still never let her childlike behavior die even in an end of the world situation and that’s obviously telling us something!

Geet - Jab We Met

‘Mein apni favorite hoon’ will always be the biggest lesson to keep your inner child alive. As kids, we only knew to love ourselves first and that somewhere gets lost along the way when life happens. Geet is a beautiful reminder of that!

Phoebe - Friends

Sing the songs you wrote even if they don’t make sense and run in a park with your hands and legs just dangling around, because the point is to live for yourself and not care about what people think! As kids, we barely cared about what others thought and as adults we're rarely able to break societal expectations.

Jake - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Overthinking is another vice that comes with adulting but Jake reminds you to take a chill pill. Not everything needs so much thought, just go with the flow and make ‘noice’ memories in life!

Willy Wonka - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

You know if you want to grow up and live in a house of chocolate, you totally can! Imagination is the most magical thing in the world. If you want to bring every dream you’ve had as a kid come to life, there’s nothing wrong with that!

Hope these characters remind you to check in with your inner child! 

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