10 coming out of the closet scenes that left an unforgettable mark in pop culture!

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Coming out of the closet scenes are so vulnerable to portray and it's so important to get them right and these movies and TV shows nailed it when it came to making us all teary eyed while watching them!

Although a lot of queer representation has been coming up in recent content that’s being released, portraying a good coming out scene has always been pivotal. Why? So that conversations around sexuality are normalized to the point where queer individuals feel safe enough to talk about this as honestly and as freely as possible. The reality today is far from this though. It is still hard for people belonging to the LGBTQIA+ community to embrace their identities openly because of the stigma attached to it. There's familial pressure of 'log kya kahenge', there's vulnerability of openly talking about your sexuality to the world and so many other obstacles we cannot possibly fathom as cishet individuals. Which is what makes it so necessary to show good representation and impactful coming out of the closet scenes that the community can relate to or use as a medium to infact be inspired and embrace who they are!

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Check out some scenes we've loved that you might too!

Schitt’s Creek - David and Patrick

Both David and Patrick have remarkable coming out scenes in the show. David explaining his pansexuality to Stevie with the metaphor ‘I like the wine and not the label’ went on to become a pop culture phenomenon and is considered to be one of the best scenes in TV history when it comes to explaining one's sexuality. It simply stands out because he desribes it to her without even saying anything directly, and yet through lighthearted humor, the message is passed and it leaves you smiling.

His partner in the show, Patrick, had not come out to his parents until he fell in love with David though. Patrick has to gather a lot of courage to go up to his parents and tell them that he is gay. Much to his surprise, his parents accepted him without a second thought and wanted their son to be happy. Schitt’s Creek gave us not just one but two beautiful coming out scenes so different in nature but impactful at the same time.

Stranger Things - Robin

When Steve expresses his feelings for Robin, she politely rejects him by sharing a story of her life. She told him how in school she realized she loved this girl called Tammy Thompson. It is a heart to heart conversation between two best friends which made Robin gain her friend’s support and trust. It was an iconic scene because Stranger Things is one of most viewed shows on Netflix and this was much needed representation in a mainstream series.

Brooklyn Nine - Nine - Rosa

Rosa’s coming out scene to her parents is as hard hitting as it can get. She decides to rip the bandaid at a dinner with her parents where Jake was present too. And what happens next is exactly what she was afraid of. Her parents belittle her sexuality by calling it ‘just a phase’. While she is disappointed by their reaction, it does not shake her belief one bit and that is something to take away from the scene.

Never Have I Ever - Fabiola

In a casual conversation with Eleanor, Fabiola comes out to her. After doing that, Fabiola says “Wow that feels so great to say. I feel like I just solved an escape room I’ve been trapped in my entire life”. With just one dialogue, Fabiola felt so liberating as a character and the scene became one of the fan favorite moments from the show.


The Bold Type - Kat

Kat has been curious about her sexuality throughout the show. When she first came out as lesbian, that was great representation in itself and then when she came out to Jane and Sutton as bi-sexual, it was yet another memorable scene between the three friends. She tells them she hates labels but it felt important to her to own her identity and make sense of it. 

Sex Education - Eric

Eric’s scene when his dad drops him off for the school dance had us all weeping! His father, an immigrant, was scared to see his son be so different from everyone else. Eric replies to him saying that he is going to be hurt either way so might as well just be himself in front of the world. His father hugs him and with tears in his eyes he says, “Maybe I am learning from my brave son”. Watching the father and son having such an honest conversation with each other, will leave you choked up and that is why this scene will always be special!

Derry Girls - Clare

Clare was always afraid to say her truth out loud which is why she wrote an essay about being a lesbian. In a light hearted conversation with her friend Erin, she thanks her for making her realize that coming out of the closet shouldn’t be so scary in the first place. It is a mixture of meaningful dialogues blended with humor which is what makes it more entertaining to watch as an audience. 

Heartstopper - Nick

The series follows Charlie, an openly gay teenage boy who falls in love with Nick, who Charlie believes is heterosexual. But in reality Nick is suppressing his true identity. As they form a friendship, the two of them realize it is more than just that. In a heartfelt scene, Nick decides to put his heart on the table with his mother, played by Olivia Coleman. He tells her that he is bi-sexual and her response to that is so wholesome to watch!

Love, Simon - Simon Siper

Love, Simon is an entire film based on the concept of coming out. It is a love letter to closeted and out LGBTQIA+ viewers. Simon reveals his sexuality to his parents who accept him with open arms. His mom tells him that he can ‘breathe’ now which makes him and his entire family feel lighter. The movie has many coming out scenes which are feel good and impactful. On the other hand, it also shows the harsh reality of what happens when a queer person is outed against their will.

Katlaa Curry - Ratan

Ratan finally opens up to Raymal after living with him for so long as a friend. He tells him about how he lived under the pressure of his family to get married to a woman because they simply couldn't come to terms with his sexuality. He finally tells Raymal he is gay. For the first time in his life, he met someone who accepted him for who he is and that meant the world to him.

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