9 iconic things from movies and TV shows that we’d love as Diwali gifts!

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Diwali gifts

This year add a fictional twist to your Diwali gifts and even if getting props from movies and TV shows is not possible IRL, it’s still a fun activity you can enjoy with friends and family!

Gifting is one of the most pivotal parts of Diwali. Every year when the festival approaches us, our head starts churning over what to gift our loved ones. Diwali is all about spreading light and happiness and we do that through gifting each other things that we’d love to use. But sometimes it’s not even things that we see in real life, it’s iconic things we've seen on-screen that we just feel like having them for ourselves too. Be it a watch that makes you invisible, a pen that magically gives you what you want or a bag that can literally fill your whole world in it. Getting fictional props that are loved by everyone would be such a cool thing to gift if only it was possible in the real world!

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But for now, here are props that were iconic in movies, TV shows and pop culture and would make the perfect gift!

Hermoine’s bag from Harry Potter

Imagine fitting your entire world into a bag that has endless amounts of space? Hermoine’s bag has always been a dream for anyone who loves carrying a lot of things when they go out. It’s a little pocket of magic that you can take everywhere with you and be rest assured that there’s nothing you’ve left behind! 

Diwali gifts

Bagvati from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Imraan would be so proud of us to give Bagavati the first class treatment that she truly deserves. She should be a Diwali gift every year so everyone knows how precious she is!

Diwali gifts

The pen from Shakalaka Boom Boom

I mean this pen can literally get you what you want! Just sketch away and find yourself with everything that your heart desires.

Diwali gifts

Rocky and Rani's whole wardrobe!

Half of Instagram was recreating the sarees anyway so might as well get the real deal as a gift. Rocky and Rani both have a phenomenal sense of fashion and stealing pieces from their wardrobe and wearing them would be the perfect thing this Diwali.

Diwali gifts

John Wick’s car

John Wick’s car is as cool as he is and if he could literally kill someone for the car; you know how special it is to him. The car is an iconic pop culture reference so if this qualifies as a Diwali gift for anyone ever, there’s nothing that could top that. 

Diwali gifts

Moira’s wigs from Schitt's Creek

Moira’s wigs were as one of a kind as she is. While Diwali gifts are supposed to be deep and meaningful, it would be refreshing for once to just get a gift for fun. 

Diwali gifts

Woo Young Woo’s noise canceling earphones

There are so many moments when we just want to cancel out all the noise from the world and zone out. Or concentrate better when people are constantly talking around us. Young-Woo’s earphones are the perfect fit for that!

Diwali gifts

Mr India’s watch

A dream gift for an introvert. Escape any conversation, place and people you don’t want to engage with!

Diwali gifts

Jean’s books from Sex Education

From parenting to sex education, all three of Jean’s books are a great gift for anyone who wants to get to know themselves better and educate themselves about lesser known topics.

Diwali gifts

Which of these is something you'd love as a gift? Let us know in the comments below!

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