Fictional characters we’d love to play Holi with!

Aishwarya Srinivasan
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The festival of colors is here and as we gear up with water guns and gulaal, it made us wonder how fun it would be to switch things up a bit if we played Holi with fictional characters this time around!

Holi is pretty much the first big festival of the year that gives everyone a reason to get together and celebrate. We love eating gujiyas and putting color on our close friends and family. But sometimes the line between fun and crossing boundaries is blurred when it just gets over the top with bad quality colors and excessive water for no reason at all. Because we’re rather fed up repeating the do’s and don’t every year, we thought it would be rather refreshing for a change to play Holi with fictional characters. Each and every one from our list fit the description of why they would be the perfect people to play Holi with. They’re all such interesting personalities, and even though they’re super enthusiastic about stuff, they’d never make us uncomfortable by forcing us to do things we find awkward!

Check them out!

The cast of Brooklyn Nine Nine 

They might have never played or even heard about Holi but they sure are equipped enough to handle the chaos. I mean they are the Halloween heist experts, so they pretty much would use their strategizing plans for Holi as well. From a water balloon fight to putting every possible color on each other, they’d do it all!


The cast of Modern Family

It would be rather hilarious to see all the three families from Modern Family play Holi. Gloria would be laughing the loudest, Claire would probably be shouting at Luke for playing with pakka rang and Hailey would probably get high on bhaang. Having the Modern Family be a part of our Holi party would honestly just make it more hilarious!

Modern family

Rocky Randhawa - Rocky aur Rani Kii Prem Kahani

Just as colorful as his clothes are, we’re sure Rocky would be first in line for the festival of colors. He’d probably make sure everyone’s dancing and having a good time. Honestly, who wouldn’t want an absolute heart throb at their Holi party?


The entire AFC Richmond football team from Ted Lasso

Playing Holi together would be such a good team bonding experience for the AFC Richmond team. And of course their coach, Ted Lasso who is always up for all things fun and games!

ted lasso

Ellie - Last of Us

Ellie would just go around making new friends at the party and crack a joke or two from the ‘joke book’ that she has. She’d probably also drive us crazy with the amount of questions she’d ask about Holi!

last of us

Phoebe - Friends

Out of the entire cast of Friends, Phoebe is the only one who would be up for trying something beyond their usual routine. Her outfits in the show were often a fusion of Indo-Western looks and knowing her inquisitive nature, she’d probably be rather intrigued and excited to know more about Holi!

phoebe buffay

Nick - Heartstopper

Since he is an ace at playing sports, he’d come rather handy while throwing water balloons or colors. He is known to have a personality as wholesome as a ‘Golden Retriever’ so having him be a part of our Holi party would just be delightful.


Naina - Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Yes, we know her Holi song is the most iconic one out there and is played literally every year at the festival, so wouldn’t it just be easy to have someone who loves Holi so much? There’s no way we could leave her out of this guest list.


Dimple and Rishi - Mismatched

Festivals and being in love just go hand in hand. It’s the best place to make new memories with your partner. Dimple and Rishi both would bring a little something of their own to the party, be it coding and syncing light according to the music or their own quirky playlist.


Badri and Vaidehi - Badrinath Ki Dulhania

Just like Naina, Badri and Vaidehi too are major Holi fans and it would be so much fun to see them re-create their Holi song at a party!


Which fictional character would you love to play Holi with? Let us know in the comments below!

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