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This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate fictional moms who've influenced a generation. From Lorelai's coolness to Claire's loving worry, these characters have shaped my views on motherhood.

If there's one thing I really enjoy in movies, it's the dysfunctional mother-daughter dynamic. Is it about families, feminism, or just my own feelings? Who knows! I adore my mom, but there are topics I can't discuss with her. And that's why I turn to fictional moms. I've watched them countless times, especially when I needed respite, and it's always comforting. They've practically been my mentors. So, this Mother's Day, let's talk about these fictional mothers who've influenced a whole generation, myself included.

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Here you go!

Lorelai Gilmore - Gilmore Girls

Lorelai is the coolest mom, obviously. Her daughter could get a police raid at a party and Lorelai would still sing, “You’ll always be my hero.” Who doesn’t want a chill mom, right? But what I love most about Lorelai is how she lets Rory make mistakes and learn from them. Parents always think they know better and want to save their children from trouble. Yet, whether it's letting Rory choose to take a break from an Ivy League University or gently correcting her during her extramarital affair, Lorelai supports Rory regardless. Isn’t that what we want from our parents? Acceptance?

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Claire Dunphy - Modern Family

I know what you're thinking—Isn't Claire a strict mom who's always nagging her kids? Well, yeah, she can be a bit of a worrier, but she's learning from her kids too. When her worst fear—Haley getting pregnant before marriage—actually happened, she didn't freak out. Instead, she stood by her and accepted Dylan for Haley's sake. Claire's not afraid to admit when she's scared, but she always puts her kids first. She's a good example of mothers who break generational trauma.

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Gloria Pritchett - Modern Family

First off, I adore her cosmic genes and her brilliant fashion sense. Secondly, I crave a mom who'll stand up for me against the world. In a world that makes everyone feel insecure, I want a mom like Gloria, who'll love me genuinely no matter what and reassure me endlessly.


June Osborne - movie/series name

June faced incredible torture at the hands of the dictatorial Republic of Gilead. Of course, I don't wish that for anyone. However, June is simply the bravest mom ever! She would take on even the toughest dictators for her child. Anyone would be lucky to have June as their mom!

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Evelyn Wang - Everything Everywhere All At Once

This one's tricky! Evelyn isolates herself, and she can be homophobic and fatphobic towards Joy, which hurts her. But what I admire is that when Joy lost hope in herself, Evelyn didn't. She worked hard to help Joy out of her tough spot. Life can drag us into dark places like an "everything bagel," full of gloom and despair and that's when we all crave for someone like Evelyn, a caring parent figure to guide us out of the mess.

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Jamini Chatterjee - Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani

We've seen her as a grandmother, but she's been just as amazing as a mother. When her son Chandon wanted to be a classical dancer, which some might see as feminine, she backed him up without worrying about "log kya kahenge". Many parents cave to societal pressure, afraid of their kids being judged for being different. But here's a mom who not only supports her son but also brags about him openly. And she's a great, open-minded mother-in-law to her daughter-in-law too. We definitely need more moms like her!

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Shamshunissa - Darlings

What I adore about Shamshu is her forgiving nature. Seeing her daughter in a marriage like the one she left, she suggests divorce, yet never pressures Badru. Even when things get tough, she stands by Badru with the best support. Though she knows what's right, she never rubs it in Badru's face.

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Mothers, especially Indian ones, are often glorified and pressured into sacrificing everything for the family. But these women take care of themselves while caring for their families, just like everyone should. They're not only about serving their kids; they're building their own lives. Lorelai and Claire are both independent women; Claire enjoys hiking, running, and even shooting to unwind. Gloria absolutely loves herself. June cares for Hannah and her fellow handmaids, even risking her life for them. Evelyn is strict but ambitious. Jamini seeks love even in old age, and Shamshu starts a business in her 50s. Sure, I love these fictional mothers because they are chill, brave, and just oh-so-amazing. But the best thing about them is that they're women first, then mothers.  

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