13 wholesome things from the fictional world that bring us happiness every damn time!

Aishwarya Srinivasan
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Happiness Day

When you invest your emotions in what you watch, the key to your happiness also lies in the characters you fall in love with sometimes and more often than not, this is what makes your heart happy each time!

We’re a pretty anxious generation of social media addicts where what the other person thinks matters more than what we look at our lives as. It is more about making others happy rather than choosing what makes us happy. As sad as that is, when you enter the world of fiction where movies and TV shows offer you the escapism you seek from reality, you can also expect unlimited happiness with absolutely no conditions attached. The content you watch is solely based on entertainment and to make you feel good, most of it atleast. Over the years, there has been a lot of fan favorite content in pop culture that we simply cannot get enough of. Every single time we watch that particular show, that specific episode, or listen to that one part of a song, it gives us the same happiness it did the first time we chanced upon it. 

After a long work day when you snuggle into bed, these characters are what become your happiness, no matter what your state of mine is in that moment. They are your safe space which is why we keep going back to them and you only go back to things that seem to always make you happy. Remember those ‘Happiness is’ posts on social media that went viral some years ago? They were just small reminders that all of us feel happy by more or less the same things like taking a hot long shower after a tiring day or taking that first bite when you’re starving! Well, we made our own version of it with things from the fictional world. Here's how it goes!

Happiness is 

When the K-drama leads finally kiss

Rewatching ‘the one where Monica proposes to Chandler’

When Roy and Jamie became friends

Watching Rocky break masculinity stereotypes

Watching Anjali’s necklace getting stuck on Rahul’s sherwani while they fall in love in slow motion


Replicating a ZNMD kinda trip with your besties


The ‘Avengers Assemble’ scene from Endgame

The Weasley House from Harry Potter

When Geet asked Aditya to flush his ex’s picture down the drain

Kareena Kapoor

When Schmidt gave Nick a cookie

new girl

Carrie’s phenomenal wardrobe in Sex and the City

Blushing over those long confessions of love in Bridgerton

bridgerton season 2

What are some fictional things that make you happy? Let us know in the comments below!

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