6 things that make January the Monday of the months!

Aishwarya Srinivasan
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Monday of the months

January and Monday have more things in common that you can think of and here’s why we dread looking forward to both of them!

While January is the symbol of new hope, beginnings and the start of a new chapter, for most of us it tends to be a reality check we didn’t ask for. A reality check that the holidays and ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ is over and we’ll have to survive an entire year to get back to it. Just like Monday is the first day back to work, January is the first month to get things started so it gives us that Monday feeling for a whole of 31 days! January apparently also has a day called ‘Blue Monday’ which is the third Monday of January and is termed as the most depressing day of the year as the weather in most places is rather bad and the night is longer and the day is shorter, you don’t feel like getting out of bed and most of us have already failed with our resolutions by then. The point isn't to sound negative about the new year but this whole over enthusiasm about being a go-getter and kissing holidays a goodbye can be tough for a few of us!

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Here’s why January is not our most favorite month of the year!

We’re broke

After buying lavish gifts for Secret Santa and White Elephant games and indulging in some yummy hot chocolate and Christmas dinners, our bank balance is now looking unhealthy and the January payday seems miles away in the future.  


Resolution - Everybody already has a task to do!

While setting the right resolutions is fun and productive, it sucks that when we enter January, we already have a task hovering above our heads. Most of us feel burdened by the weight of that and don’t finish it eventually. Just like coming back after a good weekend and already having shit tons of work to do on Monday.


January blues

Like Monday blues, we wish January blues was also an actual term! Regardless, we’re coining it this year! Because a holiday hangover is worse than an actual 'drank the night away' hangover. You miss it but you can’t do anything about it. You miss being around your family and friends, and miss not thinking about work at all.

january blues

We literally just finished living a year and a new one has started already!

We somehow crawled and made it through 2023 and felt good about the fact that we accomplished so many things along the way, made so many memories and struggled a whole lot too. It feels like we just finished climbing a mountain and now it’s time to go back down and start hiking up again. In the same way, it’s unacceptable how the weekend just flies by and it’s Monday before we even finish blinking our eyes!

year passed by


January does bring this feeling of uncertainty where we don’t know what the year ahead is going to look like for us. Just like how on a Monday we don’t know which good or bad things the whole week has in store for us. 


Saying bye to your bed every morning is the worst kind of goodbye ever

In most places around the world, winter is in January and the sweater weather makes you wanna stay in bed all day. While winter can be the perfect weather when it comes to enjoying the holidays, it can also feel quite dull when it comes to getting back to work. Dragging yourself out of bed and saying goodbye to it after a good break of R&R is worse than a heartbreak. 

stay in bed

So how do you feel about the first month of the year? Let us know in the comments below!

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