Koffee with Karan S8 finale: Orry makes his Koffee debut; the hilarious jury decides the Koffee awards!

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Koffee with Karan S8 finale

Koffee with Karan S8 finale brings another chapter of the popular show to a close with the jury deciding the best of this season whilst also roasting the one and only host!

Like every year, Koffee with Karan created a lot of stir online with its episodes this year as well. The reasons might be different this time around, regardless we know everyone’s watching. The finale episode of the show is always the serious but not-so serious ‘Koffee awards.’ Karan Johar begins his final monologue for this season by saying that in the midst of Emmys and Golden Globes, we have the Koffee awards which is the most prestigious one there is. He believes the show garners more views than both of the global award shows ever have and frankly we couldn’t agree more! Love it, hate it, but none of us can stop taking it seriously and dissect every section of every episode. If there are Koffee awards, there will always be a jury but before we get into that, we must talk about the slight twist we had for this episode. The twist being, social media’s favorite obsession aka Orry!


Karan Johar started the first segment of the show with the internet sensation and they spoke about everything there is to talk about his life and whatever the audience is always curious about. But as always, he dodges the questions cleverly in his own Orry way! They discuss his overnight fame on social media in which we come to know he has a ‘relevance room’ where Orry and his ‘minions’ discuss his fame, his upcoming downfall and how he will make a comeback. Seems like he is following the hero’s journey just like our Bollywood actors do in their films. He also mentioned that the first time he faced the paparazzi was because of Boney Kapoor so he feels that his best friend’s father pretty much launched him into the world of glamor.

kwk 8

After which he became Orry the omnipresent, as he likes to say! His dating life is also as colorful as his suit was. When Karan asked him about who he's dating, he said he is dating 5 at the moment and each relationship is different from the other. He might be constantly trolled or made fun of on the internet but his mind is always churning on how he can make money out of everything which was a great segway for him to revealed his ‘Orry-jis’ like emojis but it’ll only be his expressions. To be honest, after a point, his segment felt too much to process and rather superficial to take and that’s when it swiftly moved on to the Koffee awards.


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The jury was pretty much the same as last year, there was Kusha Kapila, Tanmay Bhatt, Danish Sait and a new addition to this season was Sumukhi Suresh. The four extremely funny content creators/comedians were a treat to watch. First things first, they began their roasting spree for this season. They dived right into how this season was a snooze fest compared to the previous ones and barely any tea was spilled on the couch. 

Karan Johar addressed this by saying that in season 7, everyone complained about him talking about sex way too much so this season he thought of being real with his guests. But that hasn’t worked either so maybe he’ll try a different approach next season. Kusha funnily mentioned how this season was the Suraj Barjatyafication of Koffee with Karan, as there was literally a guest this season who came with his mom (Saif Ali Khan and Sharmila Tagore). The jury also asked Karan if it bothered him when Zoya Akhtar launched three star kids last year in The Archies and he launched none to which he replied (sarcastically) that yes it hurt that he wasn’t able to pull that off!

kwk 8

One of the major highlights of episode 1 this season was Karan speaking about his mental health and how loneliness gets to him sometimes. It was raw, authentic and the most honest he had ever been on the show that it truly struck a chord with many. But the jury also felt like he dragged it too far by talking about his loneliness in literally every episode after that.

After an overview of what worked and what didn’t work this season, they began their discussion on the highly anticipated Koffee awards! After a lot of back and forth on almost every category, especially the best episode award, the jury came to a final conclusion. But they also felt that since Ranveer and Deepika’s episode was so emotional and iconic it deserved a special jury award for sure! This season a new category was also added called ‘Best Koffee Burns’ which was basically for the guest who roasted Karan Johar best and the nominees for it were fabulous with their one liners!

kwk s8 finale

Here’s who won what at the Koffee awards!

Best Moment - Kajol and Rani Mukerjee

Kajol- Rani

Best Rapid Fire - Ananya Panday ties with Saif Ali Khan


Best Episode - Kajol and Rani Mukerjee

best episode

Best Episode: Special Jury Award - Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone

special jury

Best Performance Male - Saif Ali Khan


Best Performance Female - Deepika Padukone


Best Koffee Burns - Varun Dhawan


Karan Johar ended the episode by saying that in the midst of all the chatter, he hopes he made a little place in our hearts this season. With yet another season of off beat yet fun pairings and being more relatable, the show still remains our favorite guilty pleasure even after 19 years of its existence!

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