8 iconic movies and TV shows that give you the BTS of the world of fashion!

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It’s day 2 of the Lakme Fashion Week and as we all movies and fashion go hand in hand. Here’s everything you can watch to get into the vibe while you enter the world of fashion this week!

Fashion weeks are pivotal for so many reasons. Firstly, it’s an opportunity for content creators, actors, models and more to showcase their talent on such a huge platform. The designer gets to make a bold statement with their newest collection and be the talk of the town. Every single thing that happens at fashion week gets papped and every single collection is written about so obviously this makes the writers and photographers a big part of this as well. All in all, it's a great place for people from various backgrounds and fields to work together and make a name for themselves. There are quite a few movies and TV shows that capture this sentiment and are known for being set in the world of fashion. After all, they bring all the behind the scenes that we rarely get to see! Fashion week is not just about the runway, the designer or the models, it is much more than that. It comes together because of its audience, the magazines that cover it, the brands that have left a legacy and the youth itself; it’s an amalgamation of various aspects put together and these movies and TV shows highlight this beautifully!

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If you're feeling the fomo with all the fashion week content, this is what you can watch this weekend!

13 Going On 30

Jenna travels into the future when she is 30 years and the editor of a fashion magazine. Her life heavily revolves around being a trendsetter not just for her magazine but also making her name in the world of fashion in general. Attending fashion shows and maintaining relationships with designers was a huge part of her job. 



Fashion is about how a girl from a small town makes it big as a supermodel. She is on every runway, every designer wants to work with her. But the film also honestly portrays the good, bad and the ugly of haute couture and fashion weeks.


The Devil Wears Prada 

This movie has become synonymous with the word fashion. Meryl Streep’s character as Miranda Priestly who is the editor in chief of ‘Runway’ magazine (loosely based on Anna Wintour of Vogue) is one for the books. The film taught us that fashion is more than just colors and a few clothes put together; it's how the smallest decision can impact high fashion to local street shopping, the fact that everything that we wear is not just a coincidence but a well thought out plan by every important person in the world of fashion.

devil wears prada

The Bold Type 

Sutton's work involved styling models and her dream comes true when in the season 2 finale she gets to attend Paris Fashion Week. Jacqueline Carlyle and her entire team were all hands on deck before the fashion week with what they should cover, what they can do differently - they don’t miss a beat.


Next in Fashion

Next in Fashion is a reality show which is basically a fashion designing competition. It is hosted by Tan France and Alexa Chung. As the title suggests, the ones who literally are the next in fashion, or the future of fashion come on this show to make a name for themselves.

next in fashion

Sex and the City

The people of New York take their fashion rather seriously and Sex and the City is proof! More than even writing or finding love, the most important thing for Carrie was fashion. It defined her personality and was her way of expressing herself to the world. Attending fashion week is a huge part of New York culture and Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte have bagged front row seats quite a few times to the biggest fashion shows.

sex and the city

House of Gucci

Gucci has an extraordinary legacy in the world of fashion. It is a luxury brand loved by many but not all of us know how the brand was created and everything that happened behind the scenes for Gucci to be what it is today. A history of the brand while you also consume fashion week content would just be the perfect combination!


Emily in Paris

In season 2 of Emily in Paris, one of her clients, Pierre Cadault is shown to be a renowned fashion designer. Emily handles everything from his PR, to being his inspiration for his next clothing line which he displays in an extravagant fashion show in the series. While planning his fashion show, all the work, stress and attention to detail that is required to make sure the show falls perfectly in place is authentically portrayed.


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