8 heart warming movies through a pet’s pawspective!

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We’ve often wondered how fun our lives would be if our pets could talk, and here’s where movies make that imagination run wild when they make stories from a pet’s POV. These 8 all time classics will make you want to give your pet a tight hug!

There are so many movies from a human’s POV, and it has become rather monotonous to watch those. It’s fun when the tables are turned for once and we get to see what a pet would say or how they would react to certain situations. Pets are way more innocent than humans will ever be so most of these movies are an absolute tear jerker. They are the most loyal best friends humans could have and these movies authentically portray everything and more our pets do for us that are rather undervalued or go unnoticed. We know what they’re thinking as an audience but it breaks our heart when they can’t communicate with the human characters because technically they can’t speak! It’s also quite interesting to see them in human-like scenarios, for instance, when it is a rom-com about two dogs falling in love or when the pet is literally treated like one of the kids in the family or when the pet narrates the entire story about its human family like any of us would narrate a story. These are the kind of movies that you sit with your entire family and of course your pet and watch together! These movies could probably be the best binge watch list for your pet just like we have our own!

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Here are our 8 favorite petflix features!

Dil Dhadakne Do

Pluto was the narrator of the entire film and called out the hypocrisy of rich Indian families who were on the cruise! Without actually speaking, Pluto understood and said things that humans hesitate over! He was also the most loved and uncomplicated character in the whole movie.

Stuart Little

After getting adopted by the ‘little’ family, Stuart finds a new life but when his human brother George does not accept him as his own, he goes on a quest to find his real parents out in the world. The fact that Stuart loved his human parents just as his own and the relationship that they built over time was super wholesome to watch!

Roadside Romeo

Romeo is abandoned by his owners and has to now fend for himself along with the stray dogs. In the process of that, he finds himself in situations he has never ever experienced before, including falling in love. The truth of the matter is that while most of these films are about a pet’s perspective to their owners, Roadside Romeo gives a realistic perspective on what happens when a dog is abandoned, which is also something that happens quite frequently here. It gives a good insight into the life of stray dogs and the fatal situations they have to face as well. 

Marley and Me

Pets can also be a medium to learn a lot of life lessons and Marley indeed was that for the Grogan family who adopted him. He was really naughty and neurotic, and amidst controlling his frantic behavior, his family learns a lot about life in general.

The Art of Racing in the Rain

Enzo, a golden retriever, learns that the methods used on the race track by his owner, a Formula One driver, can also be used to navigate through life. It is so adorable to see him learn about human life by simply being on the F1 paddock but also you sob throughout the entire film when he has to adapt to heartbreaking life changes in his owner’s life.

Lady and the Tramp

‘Lady’, a Cocker Spaniel, who lives with her owners in Park Avenue, experiences a major life change when her owners have a kid and their dog hating aunt blames her for all the havoc in their house. She meets ‘Tramp’ , a free spirited Mutt from downtown and the two fall in love. It is a beautiful POV with all the magical Disney romance which we all love watching!

A Dog’s Purpose

After being reincarnated multiple times with different owners, a dog understands its purpose and the meaning of its own existence through the humans it loves and is loyal to!

Valatty: Tale of Tails

Yet another pet rom-com for the win! When a golden retriever falls in love with a cocker spaniel, their owners keep them inside so they are apart from each other. But the two elope and embark on an epic adventure instead. Watching two dogs fall in love and the humans adapting to the situation for once leads to hilarious situations and a cute, feel-good love story!

Which of these is your all time favorite pet movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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A dog's purpose Dil Dhadakne Do Stuart Little roadside romeo marley and me the art of racing in the rain lady and the tramp valatty: a tale of tails