How to seamlessly blend “Rizz” in your daily conversations!

Piyush Singh
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Rizz is named as Oxford’s 'Word of the Year 2023'. To help you update and level up your vocab, we've attempted to simplify this for you. Here are a few scenarios where you can seamlessly incorporate "Rizz"!

Just when we'd fully understood terms like “Slay”, “Lit” and “Vibe check”, we found “Rizz” in conversations all over. It's taken over the digital vocabulary, changing the course of what conversations look like in 2023! Considering Gen Z's obsession with social media culture, slang is born and hyped up on a quick pace and then it becomes a quest for the world to catch up. Turns out, the term "Rizz'' is named in Oxford's Word of the Year 2023. This term is generally used to define the level of someone's charm, style and how good they are at attracting a romantic partner. The year 2023 definately didn't lack any rizz as the word was used quite often and hence, it secured the top spot in terms of popularity after beating out competitors like "Situationship", “Swifties” “Beige Flag” and more.

While many may still be oblivious to what it means, if there's one thing we all know it's that it's not just a word, it's a whole mood that's encapsulating style and charm. So, if you want your conversations to be as updated as your latest Instagram story, sprinkle in some rizz and watch your verbal charisma level up. But the question is “How to have rizz?” Well, here we have attempted to simplify it for you. 

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Here are some common situations that can be made extra special by adding a pinch of rizz! 

Boost your confidence with self-appreciation for your small yet significant wins in life. Like saying "Nailed that presentation with absolute rizz!" when you are proud of your performance. 

Don't pass up the opportunity to uplift your friends' confidence with a boost of positivity on their fashion triumphs. Tell them, "Your outfit exudes pure rizz – you're owning that style!"

Finding a romantic connection is not the easiest thing to do. But if you did find one, it means that "You've got that irresistible rizz."

The word can also be used to appreciate your surroundings. Did you find a cool cafe in your locality? Try saying, “This coffee shop has major rizz vibes – so aesthetic!"

When you are at a cool party, the beat drops and the dance floor calls, declare it rizz time and own those moves like nobody's watching.

You can also turn your ordinary plans into extraordinary rizz-filled escapades. "Meeting friends on the weekend? Let’s inject some rizz into the agenda!"

When you're trying something and it asks for chivalry out of you. You should remember “You have got enough rizz to excel at it."

Thinking about all these situations, one thing we can all agree on is that "rizz" is a versatile term that can be injected into any situation. These are just some examples but how you use this new term in your conversations is your call!

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