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No matter how many new and brilliant shows come out,  the only constant we all have are sitcoms. Why though? What is it about them that we keep wanting to watch them repeatedly? Let's discuss!

Whether you're a binge-watcher or not, you might have noticed that irrespective of new content being released every month throughout the year, we always want to return to our beloved sitcoms! It's not like we don't enjoy watching Killer Soup or Jubilee, it's just that after wrapping up something new,  our soul takes us back to Modern Family, Friends, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Big Bang Theory, The Office, Schitt's Creek, and so much more. They're always our constant companions, regardless of how often we've watched them. Why though? Is it just the comfort or familiarity that they tend to offer? But it's not like any of the new titles can't provide the same especially the ones that we end up loving. But what we can only describe as energy, pulls us towards these feel good shows. And I have a couple of theories as to why we may be doing this! 

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Of course, the familiarity of these shows. And no, I am not just talking about knowing the show like it's the back of your hand. While this definitely offers a peaceful watching experience where there are no jump scares or the anticipation of what will happen next, I'm talking about meeting with our own, old, familiar selves. This happens to me rather often! I think about thoughts I once had while watching the same scenes or how far I have come since I watched this show last. It's like I'm not just watching these characters grow up. This brings me a sense of emotional comfort and joy, which brings me to my second theory.

They help us unwind after a long day. Familiar content makes for amazing company given how it's not distracting at all; you can watch it even while you are working. Their flair for being easy to follow, funny, and entertaining at the same time makes it a relaxing experience. Your mind is at ease, and not constantly working too hard to understand what's going on. Plus, it makes you laugh.

And that brings me to my third theory - since most of these fall under comedy, they make even the harshest truths of life a lot more palatable. The vulnerabilities or insecurities of these characters, that help me relate to them and make them so real, somehow seem easier to deal with when we're experiencing the same. More often than not, we don't want to look at those parts of ourselves that make us look weak in society's eyes, and we hide them well, but just like food makes it easier to reach someone's heart, comedy makes it easier for us to deal with our troubles.

It also makes it simple to understand others, bringing me to my fourth and final theory - sitcoms teach us a lot more than we expect them to. Without being in the face and in their own crazy ways, they leave us with many life lessons. Maybe that's why we always go back to them to learn about life, our inner selves and others. 

Afterall, who didn't want to be a part of the gang in FRIENDS or have a crazy family with all shades and moods of characters like in Modern Family? Who doesn't relate to everyone in Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Schitt's Creek? Which office doesn't have people like in The Office? The one thing that bums me out though is how we rarely have content like this in India! While there is comedy shows here with multiple seasons, we're constantly on the look out for content that makes us feel everything we've listed down here. They just don't make them like that anymore!

If sitcom producers are listening, I'm just a girl sitting in front of the TV, watching FRIENDS one more time, while waiting for a desi, relatable sitcom. 

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