Decoding 10 fascinating outfits from Zendaya’s Dune 2 press tour!

Aalhad Bavkar
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Zendaya Dune 2 outfits

Zendaya left quite an impression in her recent promotional activities for Dune 2. Her stunning looks were an absolute head-turner,  and we just cannot stop talking about them!

Zendaya, known for her multifaceted talent both on-screen and off-screen, continues to captivate audiences with her radiant presence during the promotions for the highly-anticipated Dune 2. With each red carpet, she has effortlessly showcased her beauty and her unmatched method of carrying herself in public, leaving a lasting impression on fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. From glamorous red carpet events to press gatherings, her consistency in being versatile with every look, every fashion choice she makes, and her dedication to her craft remains a subject of admiration and emulation. Holding back was not on her agenda at all; her dresses ranged from a simple backless vest by Louis Vuitton to being fully clad in silver armor. They were trending all over social media, and understandably so! 

Let's take a closer look at some of the standout ensembles!

Wearing spring summer Haute Couture 2024 at the New York City final premiere of Dune: Part Two.

She arrived at the Seoul premiere in a mesmerizing ensemble from Givenchy Fall/Winter 1999 collection, all the looks are put together by her stylist Law Roch.

She also adorned the Mugler Winter Fall 2024, Part 01 by Casey Cadwallader.

The silver robot by Mugler with the Fall Winter 1995-1996 ‘Cirque d’hiver’ 20th anniversary collection was one for the books!

No one does it like Zendaya in the ROKSANDA AW24.

This ensemble was a stylish custom design by Louis Vuitton’s Nicolas Ghesquiere.

There was no stopping her as she continued mesmerizing fans by wearing ‘La Robe Spirale’ from the Alaïa Summer Fall 2024 collection by Pieter Mulier.

Zendaya also wore the custom Bottega Veneta at the Mexico City premiere.

Not to forget she wore a custom look by London-based designer Torishéju Dumi.

Her backless plunge vest was iconic to say the least

What are some of your favorite looks from her press tour? Let us know in the comments below!

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