A visual journal of every modern woman’s day to day experiences, some struggles and some joys, the POPxo YouTube channel is an appropriate condensation of looking at everything from a female POV. Here are some of the best videos from POPxo!

Fashion, Travel, Fitness, Work, Lifestyle and just about everything is encapsulated within the POPxo YouTube channel’s playlist that does not budge or shy away from discussing the oh-so-controversial discussions about sex. Humoring their way through ‘just woman things’, POPxo’s videos strike just the right chord with titles discussing topics such as ‘women and online shopping’ to ‘How girls get ready for a date’.

Check out these amazing videos from the POPxo YouTube channel that you will totally relate to as woman, and will be enlightened with generous insights if you are a man!

1. Types of people you meet in a cab

2. Things you get to hear when youre on your period

3. Girly Girl vs Non Girly Girl watching a rom com

4. Things only girls with curly hair will get

5. How girls get ready for a date

6. If couples were honest with each other

7. Struggles of the girl who is always hungry

8. Things people say when you put on a bit of weight

9. Crazy things people say when you suddenly wear lipstick

10. 9 I hate my life moments every girls has

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